Managing certificates

Certificates are managed from the Certificate Templates section in the Administration back-end:


To create a new certificate template:

  • click Create a Certificate button and choose the type of the Certificate (for the Course or for the Training Plan):


  • fill in the open form:


  1. Name – specify title for the certificate template;
  2. Description – enter description for the certificate template;
  3. Background Image – upload a custom background image or use default one. Select the area on the background image to place the certificate text by drawing a box on it:



Recommended image size for A4 paper print:

150 dpi = 1240 x 1754 pixels

300 dpi = 2480 x 3508 pixels

-  Content – enter the certificate text that will be placed in the defined area on the certificate template. You may use variables that are described in the form. To preview the certificate, click Preview button.


The only difference between two types of certificates is two more variables in the Training Plan certificate template: {training plan} and {courses}:



Date and time format of the certificate is not changed according to the settings of Course/Course Catalog site. Therefore, you can set the format using the provided tokens. Expand All Formats under the needed token to see the full list and use necessary one:



You can denote the specific formant of the CUEs {ceu:F2} to be displayed on the Certificate, where 2 is the number of digits after the delimiter. To learn more about the formats, click Microsoft Formatting Types.

-  Text Alignment – select either Left, Center or Right to set the text alignment;

-  Vertical Alignment – select either Top, Middle or Bottom to set the vertical alignment;

-  Drop Shadow – enable this option if you want the text to drop shadow;

-  Font – select from the drop-down list the font type for the text of the certificate;

-  Font Size – enter the font size of the text;

-  Font Style – enable options to apply corresponding style to the text.

  • save the changes.

Certificate is assigned to a course/training plan during course/training plan creation or editing.

Use filter button mceclip7.png to quickly filter the certificates by the type (All Certificates, Course or Training Plan):


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