Managing tags


Tagging helps to add more content and then systemize and manage the workflow and can be set while creating or editing a training. In this article we will provide you with an overview of how to search and manage tags: edit or delete an existing tag, view what training the tag is used in.


Where to manage tags

Tags are displayed for the current course catalog and are managed from the Settings section in the Administration back-end.





IMPORTANT: Only course catalog administrators can see such page and edit or delete tags.



Editing a tag

To edit the tag, do the following steps:

  1. Click the tag.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the tag.
  3. Click the Save button to save the changes.




View what training the tag is used in

To see courses/training plans that use this tag, click the View button mceclip2.png.




You will see a list of courses this tag is used in.




Clicking the course title will redirect you to the course home page.


Deleting a tag

To delete the tag, perform the following steps:



TIP: You can delete only those tags, which are not used on the current course catalog.



  1. Click the required tag.
  2. On the opened actions panel click the Delete Tag button and confirm the deletion.

Any changes in tags will automatically be updated in the course catalog.


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