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This article provides an overview of how courses and training plans are rated in LMS365, where admins can see the training rating, how rating can be managed and exported, how learners can rate the courses and training plans.


Overview of the rating system in LMS365

If a catalog admin enabled the course rating in the LMS Configuration section of the catalog, learners can rate courses and training plans in LMS365.



Training plans are rated separately from courses included into them.


A star rating system is displayed on course and training plan home pages and in the LMS365 player upon training completion. Learners can set and change their own rating for courses and training plans where they've started (the In Progress status) or completed the course or training plan in the following ways:

  • On the training home page in the Information section.


  • Directly in the Course Status block of the LMS365 player.


After a learner rates the course or training plan, they can see their rating mark when hovering the stars in the Information section on the training home page or in the LMS365 player. The number of yellow stars displayed relates to the rating given. Learners can rate the training again, if necessary. The rating is updated when the page is refreshed.




From the admin's perspective, catalog and course admins can:

  • Track the rating of each course and training plan via LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management page > the Average Rating column.

  • Track and manage rating of the courses and training plans in question via LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > Course/Training Plan Management panel > Manage Rating.




Where to manage rating

Catalog and course admins can manage rating courses and training plans rating via LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > Course/Training Plan Management panel > Manage Rating.




Rating page overview

On the Rating panel, admins can see the rating mark given by learners, as well as the date and time the rating was set. They can also hide a rating and export rating information to Excel.




Rating page provides the following information:

  • Average Rating. Displays average of all received (not hidden) ratings given to the training. 

  • All Rating Marks. Displays all ratings given to the training by learners. Select All Rating Marks to filter the learners according to the rating they assigned to the training or use the Search field to find a specific learner.



  • Date Range. Select the start and end dates to filter learners that rated the training within this period.


Hide or show ratings

To hide the specific learner's rating, select a learner and, on the Actions panel, select Hide Rating. 

To make the specific learner's rating visible and included in the number of ratings, select the learner and then Show Rating.

It's recommended to leave at least one rating displayed.




Learners will see the rating they set for the training on the training home page, even if the rating is hidden by the admin and therefore isn't counted in the calculation of the average rating of the course or training plan.

If a learner's rating is hidden, it won't be counted in the Average Rating. The Average Rating will be recalculated according to the visible ratings. In this case, the total number of users who have rated the training and their rating marks can still be seen on the Rating panel. On the training home page, only the total number of users who have rated the training will be shown, along with the average rating of the training.

Therefore, we recommend you leave at least one rating displayed.



Two users rated the course. The course admin hid all their ratings. The training home page won't show an average rating and the stars will be greyed out. However, 2 ratings is displayed because two users have rated the training.


Export the rating report

To export the ratings given by learners, on the Rating panel, select Export to Excel. The report is downloaded to your device in Excel format.

The report contains the following information.




  • The Name column shows the names of the learners who rated the training.

  • The Rating column contains the rating given by each learner.

  • The Date and time column shows the date and time the rating was given.

  • The Visible column shows whether the rating is displayed on the course or training plan home page (Yes - visible, No - hidden).


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