Certificates & Competencies Section of My Training Dashboard

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LMS365 allows to assign certificates and competencies to learners for course/training plan completion. This guide provides an overview on the Certificates & Competencies tabs of My Training Dashboard:



To quickly find the certificates or competencies, click filter button mceclip1.png and choose the status or use the search field to find the desired information.


NOTE: To be able to view the Competency, the license for competence should be activated by Office 365 Global Administrator.


Certificates tab

The Certificates tab is divided into the following sections:

Training Name – displays the title of the course or training plan.

Status – displays certificate status. It can be valid, expiring, expired, or planned.


NOTE: Expiring status depends on the Certificate Expiry Reminder settings that is set in the Notifications section. By default, 60/30/14/7 days before certificate expires are set. For example, 60 days before certificate expiration its status will be changed to the Expiring and a notification about that will be sent to a user.


Issued Date – displays the date when the certificate was issued.

Expiry Date – displays certificate expiry date.

According to the training, you can download the certificate, view, retake training or view sessions details:




For a course/training plan that is under retake you will see a duplicate with a Planned status:




To download the certificate, click Download Certificate.

NOTE: You can download the certificates from the deleted completed courses or training plans. But the titles of these trainings are not clickable, so it is impossible to access them.


Competencies tab

The Competencies tab is divided into the following tabs:

Competencies – displays the title of the competency and its level.

Granted by – displays the title of the training after the completion of which you have been granted this competency or the name of the person who has manually granted the competency via the Learner List.


NOTE: If the training has been deleted or ended, its titles will not be clickable, and it is impossible to access it.


Status – displays the status of the competency. It can be valid, revoked, and planned. Valid status means that the competency has been granted to you. Revoked – competency has been revoked. Planned – competency will be granted you when you complete the training.

Achievement Date – displays the date when the competency has been granted.

Revocation Date – displays the date when the competency will be revoked.

You can view sessions details as well as go to the training page, retake training or unenroll from it if available:



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