How to get help from the LMS365 support team

We have a wealth of helpful resources and an army of friendly support agents ready to assist when you're in need. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the options you have to get help and support of your LMS365 solution.


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On-demand resources for self-help

You can access complete product documentation and find answers to frequently asked questions at any hour here in the LMS365 Help Center.

Navigate through our guides to educate yourself on the features and functions of LMS365 or let our Answer Bot guide you to relevant articles.  



Get help from a support agent

If you're in need of personal assistance from one of our support agents, we're here to help.

Our support team is ready to assist when you experience broken functionality or general issues related to LMS365 and external365 products & APIs. 

Please note, however, that support is provided only to designated LMS administrators of your organization. Learners are referred to contact their LMS or IT Administrator(s) for any issues they might experience.


Support team operating hours and languages

The two departments of the LMS365 support team cover requests from different time zones. 

International Support Department:
Support provided in English.

  • 8:30AM – 8.00PM Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Americas Support Department:
Support provided in English.

  • 8.00AM – 5.00PM Pacific Time (PT).

As a customer, you can benefit from the service from both of our support departments. If you, for example, are operating from an Eastern Time zone (ET), feel free to reach out to our International Support Department in your morning hours.  

We always get back to you and solve your request as soon as possible and in accordance with the agreement in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Submit a request

You can submit a request through our webform at any time. Describe the issue you are experiencing as detailed as possible. You will receive a confirmation email and can continue the conversation from this or via our Helpdesk service.

NOTE: You need be signed in to (and have an account in) the LMS365 Help Center in order to submit a request. 

Please find guidance on how to submit a request here.


Support via live chat

Our live chat on the LMS365 Help Center is open in our support operating hours for instant messaging with a support agent. 

You enter the chat from the same window as you engage with the LMS365 Answer Bot.

NOTE: You need be signed in to (and have an account in) the LMS365 Help Center in order to employ the chat. When you are signed in, you can press the "Get in touch button" to start a new live chat. 




In more complex scenarios, requests initiated via the chat may turn into a support ticket.



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