Prepare yourself for the next LMS365 release

We continuously work on LMS365 to improve and refine the product and ensure we always offer you a learning environment that meets the needs of the modern workplace. Approximately every sixth week, we release a new major version of the LMS365 product that will introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

As LMS365 is a pure Software as a Service (SaaS) product this major release is automatically rolled out on your environment. Ensuring the most recent learning environment for you and your organization. 

In this article, we provide you with an overview of how you can keep up with coming releases to prepare yourself for the changes that are coming to your learning platform.


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Release communication process

For you to be best possibly prepared for product changes, before they are rolled out to your environment, we always announce coming changes in advance of releases.

You can find the overview of expected dates for the coming three planned releases at our Product and service updates page here in the LMS365 Help Center.

With every planned release, we publish a Release highlights article. We continuously update this article with as detailed information on the coming release as we can provide at the current time:

1. See highlights of the coming release
14 days prior to release, we update the Release Highlights article with information on main changes, improvements, and new features of the next release. This will give you an impression of what is coming and which part of the product that will be improved.



2. Get details on coming features, changes, and improvements
In the week up to release, we elaborate with more information and visual presentations of the coming features, changes, and improvements.

This should provide you with a clear understanding of the changes that are underway and help you prepare your organization.

3. Find all information about the available release

When a new release is live, you can find information on all new features, changes, improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes.

All relevant product guides are updated. You can visit these if you need to understand details of how new features are configured.



Preview of significant product changes

Before we release certain significant product changes, we may offer you, as a customer, to preview these.

This will enable you to prepare for example, for product changes that will impact the user experience and enable us to test and fine-tune vital functionality before it is released.


How to get notified of new information regarding the next release

Watch out for the banner notification in the LMS365 Admin Center and for notifications on the LMS365 Customer Community on Yammer. Here, we announce information on product releases, let you know when a new release is out, and when a change is offered as preview.


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