Using the LMS365 Answer Bot

Sometimes customers have general questions about using LMS365 but have difficulties with finding the needed information in our user guides or articles.

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What is an LMS365 Answer Bot? 

The main idea of implementing Answer Bot is to offer some articles where customers can find answers to their questions.

Answer Bot is coming up with suggested articles when users ask a question in web form. 


Where to find LMS365 Answer Bot?

In the LMS365 Help Center, have a look in the bottom right corner as shown in the screenshot below and press 'Get help'.




In the LMS365 Admin Center, have a look in the top right corner of the toolbar or use the Ask a question button in the Help section as shown in the screenshot below.




How to use LMS365 Answer Bot?

After pressing 'Get help' you will see the full window where you can type your question.



How to find the needed information easily. What can you ask?

There are some rules of how to use Answer Bot:

1. Ask short questions (4-6 words will be enough).




2. If Answer Bot cannot find any articles try to use synonyms.

Example: 'How to change course URL' or 'Changing course URL'.


3. Answer Bot doesn't react to phrases like 'Thank you', 'Goodbye' and etc.


How to transfer to LMS365 Chat 

Only login users can see the 'Get in touch' button and follow LMS365 Live chat in order to discuss with real people.




What is an LMS365 Live chat and how to use it.


LMS365 Answer Bot results. How to check answers

Usually, Answer Bot offers some articles.




And there is a possibility to read the article inside the web form or open the article in Help Center.




LMS365 Answer Bot help. Useful or not

Please, help us to improve Answer Bot and vote at the bottom of an article opened in the Answer Bot.




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