Size limitations for uploading files in LMS365

In LMS365, you might come across size limitations when uploading files. This article gives information about size limitations for different types of files.

The maximum upload file sizes are:

For images

  • 64 MB for images used as part of the long description of courses and training plans and uploaded via the Upload Image option in the Long Description field of the Basic details section when creating or editing training.
  • 4 MB for a thumbnail image used in a course or training plan, and 1 MB if you want the thumbnail image to be displayed correctly in the Microsoft Teams chatbot.
  • 4 MB for images used as the background image of certificates. You can find more about the  supported image formats and recommended image size for A4 paper print here.

For documents in learning modules

  • 250 MB for documents uploaded via the Content editor of the LMS365 Learning module editor.
  • 1 GB for documents uploaded via the LMS365 Learning module editor > Documents > Upload Document.
  • Up to 250 GB for documents uploaded via the LMS365 Learning module editor > Documents > Go to Learning Module Documents.

You can find more information about how to upload and add documents to a course here.

For content packages


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