Training Plan most common questions

The article contains the most common questions relating to Training Plans in LMS365.  

  • If you create a training plan, add courses, enroll learners, and they are automatically enrolled in all courses of the training plan. 
  • A learner will be automatically enrolled in this training plan if he completes at least one course from this training plan.
  • If the learner was enrolled in a training plan, and he completed the training plan, and you add a new course into the training plan, the learner should enroll in this new course manually.
  • If the learner completed some of the courses in a training plan, and then you add a new course in a training plan, this learner will be automatically enrolled in a newly added course after completing any other course inside a training plan. 
  • To complete the whole training plan, the learner will need to complete all courses inside it.
    If you add a course to the training plan, the training plan progress will not change. If the progress was completed, after adding a course, the training plan will still be completed.  
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