Training Plan most common questions

The article contains the most common questions relating to the Training Plans in LMS365.  


1. If you create a training plan, add courses, enroll learners, they are automatically enrolled into all courses of the training plan, but they aren't enrolled into another training plan with these courses.

2. A learner won't be automatically enrolled into the training plan if he completes any course from this training plan without enrolling in the training plan itself. What is more, until the learner enrolls into the training plan they won't see the status "completed" of the already completed separate course which is a part of this training plan.

3. If the learner was enrolled into a training plan and completed it, and then you add a new course to the training plan, the learner should enroll into this new course manually.

4. If the learner has completed some of the courses in the training plan, and then admin adds a new course to this training plan, this learner will be automatically enrolled into a newly added course only after completing any other course inside the training plan. 

5. To complete the whole training plan, the learner needs to complete all courses of the training plan that are set as required for completion.

6. If you add a new course to the training plan, the training plan progress won't change. If the training plan was completed, after adding a course the training plan will still be completed until the retake which resets the progress.  

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