Niceties when reading work items in Azure Boards

Work item States: 


  • In Progress state Dev team has started investigation of the work item. 
  • To Test, In Testing states in Azure Boards can be considered as counterparts of Ready for QA, QA in Progress;
  • Removed state in Azure Boards can be used in cases of Closed - Won't fix / Duplicate / Clearance, etc;
  • Removed state is more favorable for PBI's before work has been started, for example, idea was abandoned, where Closed if more favorable for PBI's, Bugs, Customer Issues when some time was invested into Work Item investigation, validation, verification, etc.;
  • Need more details state is unique for Customer Issue and available only Board of Support Team in LMS365 project where purpose is to signal that Customer Issue is awaiting clarification or additional information from Customer.

Work item Iteration examples:

  • if iteration is LMS365, team have not yet decided which release we it will be taken


  • if iteration is LMS365\Release 3.18, where "3" - Major Product Version and ''18' - current Release. 


  • If iteration is LMS365\....\Sprint 21.4, where ''21'' - Total number of Sprints, ''4'' -  number of the  Sprint in the Release



Priority and Severity:

  • options for Priority (importance and urgency of work item)
  • options for Severity (seriousness of impact on a system)


  •  This illustrates where this work item was deployed 



  • Here you can see all events in regards to this work item during commitment or merging branches etc.




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