Renewed Consent Requirements for LMS365 US Government Cloud configurations - Action Required before Dec. 4th 2020


In the rapidly growing world of online learning management, ELEARNINGFORCE aims to be able to serve all users regardless of where they are in a secure and protected fashion. This rings true even further when speaking upon LMS365 for Government Cloud and aligning with Microsoft's endeavors with Azure and various Government Cloud models.

Microsoft has multiple Microsoft 365 to serve US Government institutions. Specifically, There are different tiers of security and compliance for different levels of US Government Cloud. The most common levels are GCC, GCC High, and DoD.

To learn more about these differences, you may use the link below to see Microsoft's documentation on the subject. 

With the rapid pace of change and increased security in the Government Cloud space, ELEARNINGFORCE is adjusting our Government Cloud offerings to align more closely to Microsoft's model in order to better serve all of our customers in the Government Cloud space regardless of which tier they are currently in.

Changes in Configuration

As security and compliance models have changed and matured in the Government Cloud space we are adjusting our services accordingly.

As such, we are designing LMS365 for US Government to be able to serve the separate tiers of Government Cloud (GCC, GCC High, DoDand any further US Government Configurations made in the future). This will allow us to more easily match our security and compliance requirements with LMS365 and Azure for US Government. For this reason, new Azure Applications for Government Cloud clients will need to be granted consent to follow the new configuration model.

Please note that the permissions did not change with the new consent request.

What does this mean for me?

If you are an existing LMS365 US Government Cloud user on the GCC environment of Microsoft 365, we will need you to accept our new Consent Model for Applications by the deadline of December 4th, 2020. Failure to do so before the deadline will result in LMS365 ceasing to function for your tenancy, so please accept the new consent model prior to the deadline!

You can read more details on this by accessing our Trust Center linked below. 

To help aid you in accomplishing this, we have created a website that makes it easy for your Global Tenant Administrators to accept the new consent.


Using the Consent Helper Site

Accepting the new applications consents will not take more than a few minutes of your Global Tenant Administrator's time. To accept the new consents, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Consent Helper Site at You will be brought to the following page.

  2. Select the LMS365 Main App consent link. You will be asked to login to your account. Please use your Global Tenant Administrator account.

  3. After logging in, you will be brought to the Permission request page. Accept the consent to continue.

  4. After accepting, you will be brought back to the Consent Helper page, but will have the LMS365 Client App link still available to click. Select it and repeat the same steps as previously mentioned.


  5. After accepting both application consents, you will be brought back to the Consent Helper page, where it will confirm that all Applications have been configured.


Further Questions?

After accepting the new application consents, there is nothing left you need to do to ensure that your LMS365 instance is ready for the new security configuration!

If you have any further questions, please let us know and we will have our team respond to any questions you may have!

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