How to change course catalog title and course catalog URL

LMS365 allows for changing of the course catalog title and/or the course catalog URL via API. This function is helpful, for example, when you have created a course catalog with trainings on your test environment and now you are planning to move it to the production. In this case, you need to change the course catalog URL. Probably, you would like to change the course catalog title as well.

To change the course catalog URL and/or the course catalog title, follow the steps:

1) Rename an existing course catalog in SharePoint. Follow the instructions from this article.

2) Update the URL and/or the course catalog title in the API

Note: The correct command to run is: "PATCH ​/odata​/v2​/CourseCatalogs({Id}) Updates individual fields of existing Course Catalog"


3)In the required fields, enter the course catalog ID, the new course catalog URL (if changing), and/or the new title (if changing).

Then, click the Execute button.


TIP: You can find the course catalog ID by running the Get /odata/v2/CourseCatalogs command.


NOTE: When you execute the command, you may be prompted for a username and password. Please enter the API key in both the Username and Password fields.

After updating the URL and the course catalog title in the API, the course catalog title and URL will be changed immediately.

If synchronization fails, clean cache and cookies in the browser and reload the page.

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