How to merge users' accounts via API

It can be the case when you need to merge two user’s accounts in the LMS365. You could do that using  /odata/v2/Users('{LoginName}')/Merge endpoint in our API here:

1) You need to get Login Names of both users using /odata/v2/Users method:


Please note that in case if both users have similar Login Name, you need to get Directory Object ID:


2) You need to enter the data you’ve got to the method /odata/v2/Users('{LoginName}')/Merge in the following order: merge the data of user2 into user1. You need to enter Login Name or Directory Object ID as described below:


Please note that the endpoint is used to preserve the master data of user1 and the training records of both users. In the example above the data of user1 will be preserved and the training records data of user2 will be merged into user1. 

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