Revoke user's skills via API

Among the LMS365 (Learn365) API commands there are those that allow to revoke users' acquired skills.

This article describes how to do it in LMS365 (Learn365) via API.


Skill is named Competency (skill) in some of the API sections and commands.


To revoke a user's skill via API, follow the steps:

1. Go to and authorize with the relevant API key. You can find more about the authorization process here.


2. Find the Users section, expand it, find the POST /odata/v2/Users('{LoginName}')/RevokeCompetency with the Revokes competency (skill) description and then select Try it out in the top left corner.



3. After you select Try it out, two fields will be displayed. You will need to fill in the required parameters:

  • key: LoginName where you need to enter the login name of the user you want to revoke a skill from.
  • "competencyId": "string" where you need to replace the string with the id of the skill you want to remove from a user.
  • "competencyLevelId": "string" where you need to replace the string with the id of the skill level.

You can find the required competencyId and  competencyLevelId via LMS365 (Learn365) API.




3.  Select the Execute button to run the command.


4. Go to the Responses block to check the results:



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