Reports in Apps

Reporting functionality is available in the LMS365 Admin Center and contains information related to courses and training plans. The system allows creating Learner Reports, Training Reports, Content Packages' Reports, Learning modules' Reports, Quizzes' Reports, etc.

 To view Learner and Training Reports, do the following actions:

1. Choose Reports link in the Course Management section:


2. Select the type of reports:

Learner Reports – show information about learners' training;

Training Reports – show information about courses/training plans.

More information about these Reports, please, read by the link:

To get detailed information about your Content Packages, Learning Modules, and Quizzes, use the next Reports: 

1. Select the course on the Course List page;
2. Сlick on the needed Reports on the Course Management actions panel:



To export Learner Details information use the following Report:

1. Select the course on the Course List page;
2. Сlick on the Course Progress on the Course Management actions panel:



To view the full list of the Reports, you are working with as a Line Manager, do the steps below:

1. Go to the Line Manager Dashboard > Navigate on My Training Dashboard > Click the Line Manager Dashboard (preview) button:


2. Choose one of the Reports to display on the Course List page > Click Export button:


- Direct Reports – the users who are managed by and report directly to the Line Manager;
- Direct Report's Subordinates – the users who are managed by the direct reports.

If you want to change the Course Catalog, click Course Catalog Selector at the top of the page and select the desired Course Catalog.

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