How to set Sharing when updating a SCORM using PUT/odata/v2/Scorms({Id})

It is possible to set Sharing for an existing SCORM using the PUT/odata/v2/Scorms({Id}) endpoint. 

Specify the required parameters:

  • In the "Id" field specify the SCORM Id;
  • In the "scorm" field specify the parameters:



NOTE: PUT method updates the entire resource, so you need to specify all the required parameters. 
To set Sharing point out the following parameters:
  • "AccessType" - define the type of access;
  • "SharingType" - define the sharing area;
  • "EntityId" - specify the CourseCatalogId if the SharingType is "CourseCatalogs" or CourseId if the SharingType is "Courses";
  • "EntityTitle" - specify the name of the CourseCatalog or Course respectively.


After executing the API request check that the Sharing has been created and applied for the SCORM.

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