Notifications: common experienced issues

Many actions and processes within LMS365 triggers notifications to be sent to learners, instructors, and administrators. In some cases, however, the natural notifications flow may be disturbed due to settings and customizations. This article describes most common experienced issues with notifications.


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Learners didn't receive the Enrollment Confirmation notification


A course/training plan has a future start date and is scheduled to publish. Learners enrolled in the scheduled course/training plan will not receive the 'Enrollment Confirmation' notification as the course/training plan is not published yet. These users will only receive the The Course/Training Plan has started notification after the course/training plan publishing date has arrived or a course or course catalog administrator has published the course manually.

If users enroll after the course/training plan is published, they will receive the enrollment confirmation notifications according to the ordinary flow.


A line manager enrolls a learner in a session via the Course Session Selection Request notification


There is a workaround for line managers, that is not available in the LMS365 Admin Center, to select a session on behalf of learners.

When a course or course catalog admin manually enrolls a learner in a course of the Enroll user into a single course session enrollment type, both the leaner and the line manager of this learner (if set) will receive a Course Session Selection Request notification. From this notification, both the learner and the line manager can follow the link and select a session for the learner to enroll in.



Course catalog admins can edit the Course Session Selection Request notification template and change the default recipients. In case the course catalog admin deletes the learner from the To field, only the line manager receives the notification and controls the enrollment of subordinates in courses with Enroll user into a single course session enrollment type.

Editing will make the template customized which has a set of consequences.


Learners didn't receive a Certificate Expiry Reminder notification for certificates from imported training


An external training with an attached certificate is imported into LMS365. Since the LMS365 November 2021 release, certificate and skill related email notifications can be disabled via the Send for inactive training toggle. If this has been done, learners enrolled in this training will not receive these email notifications (including the Certificate Expiry Reminder email notification).

To ensure learners are notified of the expiry of their imported training certificates, check the following:

  1. The Certificate Expiry Reminder template is enabled.
  2. The Send for inactive training option is turned on for the notification template.

In this case, the learner will get notified of expiring imported certificates in accordance with the Send Reminder Emails settings.

NOTE: When the Send for inactive training option is turned on, this will also enable notifications for all unpublished, ended, and deleted training. 


Learners receive a Certificate Expiry Reminder notification for certificates after they were removed from the course catalog


A learner has completed a course or a training plan and has been granted a certificate for completing the training. After this, the learner were deleted from the course catalog, but still received the Certificate Expiry Reminder email notifications for the valid certificates the learner holds from this course catalog.


Learners, that are deleted from a course catalog, become inactive, are unenrolled from all training of this course catalog, and will be removed from the Users. However, their training progress information (including granted certificates) and records of actions are kept within the LMS365 system, unless all records of these learners are purged from a course catalog. In this way, learners will continue receiving notifications concerning their certificates and skills, also, after they have been removed from a course catalog.


If you don't want learners, that are removed from a course catalog, to receive notifications about their expiring certificates granted for a course/training plan in this course catalog, you can do the following:

1. Disable the expiration date of the certificate in question. This is done in the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > select the training the certificate is granted for > from the actions panel, choose Manage Course/Training Plan Settings > turn off the Certificate Expiry toggle.



NOTE: This action will turn off the certificate expiry option for all expired, expiring, valid and planned certificates granted for this training for all learners that has ever been enrolled in this training. The retake option of this training will also be influenced. 


2. Before you remove the learner from the course catalog, manually delete the valid certificates with an expiry date. To see the list of a learner's valid certificates, go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Users > select the required learner > View Learner's Transcript > select View Certificate (an eye button) next to the training to open related certificates and see if they have an expiry date.

If the expiry date is set for this certificate, delete the valid certificate using the red cross. You will need to confirm you action by selecting OkThis action will delete the selected certificate and the learner want receive notifications about its expiry. 



Certificates without an expiry date and certificates that are already expired don't trigger certificate expiring notifications, so there is no need to delete these.


NOTE: Deletion of a certificate can't be undone, but learners can be granted the certificate again manually.


3. Purge the learner's records. LMS365 includes the option of purging all records of a selected learner from a course catalog. Purging all records of a user removes all information and records of actions of that person in the course catalog and ensures that the person’s data is no longer stored in this course catalog. In this way, nothing in the course catalog can trigger notifications to be sent to this user.


Unexpected users in the Cc field of the Instructor-Led Training Scheduled – Appointment Invite notification


Users might notice an unexpected user in the Cc field of a notification. This mainly happens for the Instructor-Led Training Scheduled – Appointment Invite notification. Please find a description of the events that trigger the Instructor-Led Training Scheduled  – Appointment Invite notification here.

The reason for the unexpected user in the Cc field might be the following: An original recipient of the invitation has forwarded the appointment invite notification to another person and this person has accepted it from the forwarded message. This behavior is controlled by Outlook settings as Outlook  appointments can be influenced by recipients. 


Notifications flow after a retake is initiated


If a retake is initiated for a course or training plan with a Line Manager or an Administrator Approval flow, it will trigger a notification flow.

Please find more details here.


Notifications after changes to course session data


When a course session is updated, for example, because changes are made to the session's location, start and end dates and time, time zone, meeting URL, or the training title, the following notifications are sent:

  • The Instructor-Led Training Scheduled – Appointment Invite is sent again with the updated information via email.
  • The Session Updated is sent to learners via the LMS365 mobile app.

Please see find more details on this scenario here.



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