Issues with notification: particular cases

Many of the actions and processes within LMS365 cause notifications sent to learners, instructors or administrators. But in particular cases the natural notifications flow may differ due to the settings and customizations. This article describes the most common of them.


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Learners didn't receive an 'Enrollment Confirmation' notification


A course has a future start date and is scheduled to publish. All learners enrolled in to the course when the course is scheduled will not receive the 'Enrollment Confirmation' email notification as the course is not published. They only will receive a 'The Course has started' email notification after the course publishing date comes or the course administrator publishes the course manually.

If users enroll after the course is published they will receive the 'Enrollment Confirmation' email notification.


Nuances of the notifications flow after a retake


After a retake is initiated, in particular cases, learners will receive email notifications related to the retake flow. The notifications flow for the retake initiated by learner/admin is described in the Course/Training Plan Retake article


Nuances of the notifications flow after changes to course session data


When a course session is updated -  changes are made to the session's location, start and end dates & time, time zone, meeting URL, or the training title - the following notifications are sent:

  • Classroom/Webinar Scheduled – Appointment Invite is sent to learners via email
  • Classroom/Webinar Session Updated (only for Mobile App) is sent to learners via mobile

For more information please visit LMS365 Notifications overview and management



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