How to create external training and add certificate via API

To import an external training and add a certificate for it via API do the following:

1. Import an external training using the POST /externalTrainings/importCourse endpoint:


  • Note: to specify Categories use the following parameters (the description can be found in the "Models" chapter in Swagger): 
    • key = category id;
    • value = category name.

2. Import progress for a learner using the POST /externalTrainings/importProgress endpoint:

  • Note: specify the "CourseId" of the training recently imported

3. Import the certificate using the POST /externalTrainings/importCertificate endpoint:

  • Note: for the "EnrollmentId" take the "Id" from the response of the previous step


4. Upload an image for the certificate created using the POST /certificates/{certificateId}/upload endpoint, specify the required parameters: 

  • "certificateId", take it from the response of the previous step;  
  • "uploadedFile"


5. Check that the external training is successfully imported for the learner, the certificate is uploaded.

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