Questions on Azure Active Directory Groups in LMS365

In LMS365, it is possible to use Azure Active Directory Groups. Find the most common situations referring to Azure AD groups in this article. 


Most common experienced situations

1. If you enroll an AD group in a course, then all users from this AD group will be automatically added to the Users page.

2. If you add new users to your AD group, these users will be automatically added to the courses, where this AD group was added.

3. If you enroll an AD group in the People section of the training - each learner of the AD group will be counted (the number of users is stated in brackets next to the AD group).


4. When registering users' attendance via Course Management panel > Manage Course Sessions > select a session > Register Attendance in the user list, the users from the AD group(s) are displayed individually, and not as a whole group.


5. If you remove users from the AD group, these users will be removed from the courses and training plans the AD group was enrolled in. The training progress of these learners will not be shown. The users will be removed from the Users page, if they were not enrolled in any other courses and training plans. 

6. If you try to remove a user from a course catalog who was added as a part of AD group, you will see a failure in notifications with detailed description of the reason. 







When you remove the entire AD group, all learners that were enrolled via this group will be unenrolled from courses and training plans. The learners that were exclusively enrolled or added via this AD group will be removed from the list of Users. The learners that were enrolled or added as individuals or via any other group will not be removed from the Users or unenrolled from courses or training plans. To find more on how to remove the entire group from the course catalog, follow the link.


To remove the AD group from all systems (to free up the license), navigate to Azure Active Directory admin center > Groups > Delete group. The group will be removed after a little while.


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    Candice Birch

    How long should it take for the course to update after adding someone to an AD group that is enrolled already in a course?

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    Nikolai Pessotski

    Synchronization between Azure and LMS365 usually starts in the first 15 minutes of every hour.

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