What SCORM Data elements LMS365 handle.

There are four data elements LMS can process:

lesson_status. It has the following options: "not attempted", "browsed", "passed", "completed", "failed", "incomplete" and it is used to determine whether the user completed SCO

cmi.core.score.raw. It is the final score of the package

cmi.suspend_data. It is used by the package to resume attempt if the user stops to pass an attempt

cmi.core.student_name. This parameter is usually used by the package when it wants to display the learner's name inside the package. We set its value to be package rendering


On the screenshot below you can find illustration of lesson_status, cmi.core.score.raw, cmi.core.student_name data elements:


On this screenshot, you can see cmi.suspend_data:



Note: Only the learner can see this suspend data if they pass SCORM in the player.


For more information, please check this article: 


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