SCORM data elements that LMS365 handles

LMS365 can process four SCORM data elements:

  1. cmi.core.lesson_status. This type of data has the following options: "not attempted", "browsed", "passed", "completed", "failed", "incomplete" and is used to determine whether the user completed SCO (Sharable Content Object). 
  2. cmi.core.score.raw. It is the final score of the package in points.
  3. cmi.core.score.raw + cmi.core.score.max. They are used to calculate the scale value as percent score.raw of score.max.
  4. cmi.suspend_data. It is used by the package to resume attempt if the user stops to pass an attempt.
  5. cmi.core.student_name. It is usually used by the package when it wants to display the learner's name inside the package. We set its value to be package rendering.


Below is a screenshot from the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > select a course with a content package > Manage Course Content > select a content package > View Learners' Details, that illustrates where inLMS365 you can find the cmi.core.lesson_status, cmi.core.score.raw, and cmi.core.student_name data elements.




The cmi.suspend_data data element usage is presented below on the screenshot from the LMS365 Player. This suspend data can be seen by learners only if they pass SCORM in the Player.




SCORM files can be tested in SCORM cloud. For more information, please check this SCORM Run-Time Reference Guide.  

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