What content can I share within a course catalog and across course catalogs in my tenant?

LMS365 does not allow you to use the same course in multiple catalogs. However, with the LMS365 sharing functionality, you can use quizzes in several courses in a course catalog, and question pools and content packages across course catalogs in a tenant. In this article we will go through the sharing functionality for quizzes, question pools, and content packages. 


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Sharing quizzes

During creating and editing of a quiz, you can define the sharing area of the quiz in the Sharing Options section. You can choose one of the following options from the drop-down menu:

  • Shared to the Course Catalog -  The quiz can be used in all courses in the current course catalog.
  • Shared to Courses - The quiz can be shared to individual courses and can be used by all courses it has been shared with.

According to the sharing settings, the created quiz will be available:

  • For all sites on the site collection if Shared to Course Catalog was selected.
  • For the site of the course(s) that the quiz was shared to if Shared to Courses was selected.


If your SharePoint site has several subsites which each are used as course catalogs, a quiz that is created in one of these course catalogs will be available for them all.

More detailed information on sharing quizzes can be found in Creating, Employing and Managing Quizzes - Sharing Option.


Sharing question pools

As question pools are tenant based, question pools are shared to all course catalogs in a tenant per default. This means that a question pool created in a course catalog will be available on all the tenant’s sites.

Question pools can be viewed, edited, and used by all course catalog administrators and course administrators.

To see more details about question pools please visit Creating and Managing Question Pools.


Sharing content packages

Content packages are used for creating units of online training material and can be shared across the LMS365 system. To define the sharing area of the content package while creating/editing a content package, choose from the following options in the drop-down menu of the Sharing to field:

  • Not shared – The content package can only be used  in the course it was uploaded to.
  • Shared to Courses – The content package can be used (viewed or edited) in the courses it has been shared with.
  • Shared to Course Catalogs – The content package can be used (viewed or edited) in the selected course catalogs it was shared with.
  • Shared to all – The content package can be used (viewed or edited) in all course catalogs in the tenant.

Detailed information on sharing content packages is provided in Employing and Managing Content Packages - General Settings

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