Viewing Learner’s Transcript

You can track the information that refers to your personal summary of training, certificates, and competences on the Training Dashboard. Navigate to My Training Dashboard and click the Transcript tab:

Picture 1

To download the pdf. report, click Export to PDF.

In the Training section you will find all your training that you are enrolled in (with Not Started, In Progress, and Completed statuses):

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  • 🛈You will also find all completed training that were cancelled, unpublished, deleted or imported. The training from the deleted course catalog will be displayed in this list as well.If the training has been unpublished, deleted or imported, its title will not be clickable, and it is impossible to access it.

  • 🛈You will not see the training, certificates and competencies associated with the training once

you have been added to the waiting list,

you had sent the enrollment request, but it has not been approved yet,

you had already enrolled into the training, but it was cancelled,

you had already enrolled into the training but have not started it yet, and it is unpublished.

Completion date and CEUs are displayed in this section as well. The earned CEUs that were already received after training completion, planned* that will be received after the training completion and total CEUs are displayed under the Training section.

In the Certificates section, all learner’s certificates with their validity status (planned that is assigned for the learner and will be granted once they complete the training, valid, expired and expiring), issued and expiry dates are shown.

Picture 3

If you have more than one certificate for the course or training plan, all certificates will be shown in this section.

In the Competencies section, all competencies (planned that is assigned for the learner and will be granted once they complete the training, valid or revoked) with all levels, achievement and revocation dates are displayed.

You can find the title of the training after the completion of which you have been granted this competency or the name of the person who has manually granted you the competency in the Granted by column.

Picture 4

If you had one competency level and then it was changed, you will see both levels in this section.

The Administrators and Line Managers can also view and download the learner’s transcript via Line Manager Dashboard – desired Learner – View Learner’s Transcript as well as Admin Center – Learner List – desired Learner – View Learner’s Transcript.

  • 🛈The Line Manager can view the summary of learning activities based on the current or all Course Catalogs.


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