How to find your Tenant ID and SharePoint URL

In some cases, you may need to get your tenant ID or your SharePoint URL and this article covers the ways to find them.

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How to find your tenant ID from the LMS365 Admin center

  1. Go to LMS365 Admin Center.
  2. Check the web page URL, here is the pattern where you can find your tenant ID: *



How to find your tenant ID from the web page URL

  1. From a course catalog select any course with a learning module included and from its training card select View Course. You will be redirected to the course home page.


  2. From the Content section on course home page start a learning module of the course to open the Course Player.


  3. When Course Player is opened, check the web page URL, your tenant ID can be found here.


    How to find your SharePoint URL on the course catalog web page

    1. Navigate to the course catalog home page.
    2. Check the web page URL, your SharePoint URL can be found here.


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