How to escalate the ticket to the SRE and Support

If you need to escalate the ticket to the SRE Team and Support Team, please collect the next information and do several steps:

  • Go to the Teams in the Support Tickets Collaboration channel, you should summarise your issue and tag the @SRE Team and @Support Team;mceclip0.png
  • Add a link to the ticket:;
  • Tenant URL or TenantID:;
  • Region: *****;
  • Describe the issue with steps what you checked (what, where, and how):

Note: Ticket should have next heading: Ticket #XXXXX: [Good subject title]

Ticket #52963: Notification Emails from LMS365 are not routed correctly

Example: The issue occurs when two users open the Course Home page when they used the Chrome browser (even they use an incognito window). Only internal users have an error. Step 1, Step 2, Step3 and etc. (users open the notification in Outlook, follow the link in such notification, receive the error message).

  • Affected users:

  • Error: AADSTS160021
  • Add error logs, screenshots, HAR file*
  • The possibility to reproduce the issue on our environment with any test user: yes/no. If yes - tell the additional information (URL for the test Course, login, and password for the test user).

*How to get HAR file:

Go to your browser -> open page where error message can be replicated -> open f12 (dev tools) -> open Network tab -> click Ctrl+R (reload current page) -> then click Export as HAR (Ctrl+S) -> send this file for our investigation. 

  • If question-related to the Migration tool please attach next files:

Config file, data file, screenshot with error.

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