New Default Look of My Training Dashboard


  • πŸ›ˆUsers can switch back and forth between "New" and "Classic" look of Training Dashboard:

Picture 7



Picture 6

  • πŸ›ˆLMS Administrators can configure the left-side navigation. To find out more, please follow The left-side navigation on My Training Dashboard.

  • πŸ›ˆLine managers can navigate directly to the Line Manager Dashboard if needed using the Line Manager Dashboard link. The Line Manager Dashboard will be opened in a new window.

You can find your own training progress overview, certificates got, competencies achieved, transcript and CEUs. You can also see the leaderboard there.

Use the following filters to look for the training:

Picture 16

To filter training by the status, click Picture 2 and select the desired one from the dropdown menu:

Picture 38

Planned – displays courses and training plans that you have any progress (Not Started or In Progress) in as well as those that are pending the approval and those that you have been added to the Waiting List.

Completed – displays courses and training plans that you have already completed. It could be either published or unpublished as well as imported, deleted training and training, from the deleted course catalog.

All – displays all courses and training plans from the whole tenant in which a user is a learner regardless their statuses.

You can view the following completion statuses according to the progress:

  • βˆ’Completed. It means that you have already completed the training.

  • βˆ’Not Started. It means that you have enrolled or been enrolled into but have not started yet.

  • βˆ’In Progress. It means that you have started but have not completed yet.

  • βˆ’Pending Approval. It means that training that you have been enrolled is pending the approval.

  • βˆ’Waiting list. It means that you have been added to the waiting list for the following session or course. Once the vacant spot appears, you will be enrolled automatically.

To filter training by the type, click Picture 3:

Picture 39

  • πŸ›ˆHide Inactive is checked by default, so you will see only active training. The training that are unpublished, deleted or imported will not be displayed on the Dashboard. Uncheck the Hide Inactive option if you want to view all training including inactive.

To filter training by the due date, click Picture 4 and choose Due Date ↑ to find the training with the latest due date (the training that due date had been passed a long ago will appear first) or Due Date ↓ to find the training with the closest due date:

Picture 37

To filter completed and all training by their completion date, choose the desired status (Completed or All), click Picture 12 and select Completion Date↑ to find the training with the latest completion date or Completion Date ↓ to find the training with the closest completion date:

Picture 14

To search for the desired training across all Dashboard, use the Search field:

Picture 1

To collapse or expand the left navigation, click Expand/Collapse:

Picture 41

According to the training, you will find the following actions on the card:

To view the training, you can either:

  • β€’click the title of the training,

  • β€’click the arrow icon,

  • β€’click View Course in dots menu.

Picture 5

The "View Course" or β€œView Training Plan” actions will be invisible for

  • β€’Courses that have not been published courses but have "Not Started", "In Progress", "Completed" statuses.

  • β€’Imported courses.

  • β€’Completed courses that were deleted.

  • β€’Completed courses from the deleted Course Catalog.

To play course that has learning items inside, click the course image or select Play Course from the list:

Picture 45

You will be redirected directly to the LMS365 Player.

  • πŸ›ˆYou can play only the active training that are In Progress or Completed.

To see courses included in a training plan, click List of Courses on the training plan card:

Picture 47

  • πŸ›ˆIf the prerequisites are set for some courses from the training plan, you will be required to complete firstly all preceding courses before you will be able to access the locked ones:

Picture 10

To see the sessions if you have any, click Sessions details:

Picture 49

You will see the date when the session will be conducted, the person who you can reach to and the location or meeting URL for the sessions:

Picture 50

  • πŸ›ˆIn the Contacts you will see either Instructors or Course Administrators if there is any instructor determined for this session.

To retake training if the certificate has expired or is about to expire or if the LMS365 Administrator enables the Allow Learner to Retake Completed Training also when Certificate or Competency is still Valid option, click Retake:

Picture 62

  • πŸ›ˆThe progress of both the training plan and all courses within this training plan will be reset. You will be able to complete them again.

To cancel your training request, click Cancel Request:

Picture 56

You will be asked to enter a cancellation message.

To unenroll from the training, click Unenroll:

Picture 51

You will be asked to enter a cancellation message.

  • πŸ›ˆThe learners cannot unenroll from the training, if

  • β€’They were enrolled in a course via AD group.

  • β€’The option Unable to Unenroll was turned on while creating the training.

  • β€’They had already completed the training.


  • πŸ›ˆOnce the Course Catalog was deleted:

  • β€’The completed courses from this Catalog will be displayed on the Dashboard but the title will be disabled and the View Course, Retake, Unenroll buttons will be hidden.

  • β€’The training that was not started or in progress will not be displayed on Dashboard any longer.

The course is marked as Mandatory if it was set as required while creating or editing:

Picture 58

Once you completed the training, the exact completion date will appear on the card:

Picture 57

Once the due date is set for e-learning course, you will see date and the exact number of days left to complete the course on the card:

Picture 63

On the Certificates & Competencies page you can find Certificate and Competency tabs:


Picture 8

To quickly find the certificates or competencies, click Picture 9and choose the status or use the search field to find the desired information.

  • πŸ›ˆTo be able to view the Competency, the license for competence should be activated by Office 365 Global Administrator.

The Certificates tab is divided into the following sections:

Training Name – displays the title of the course or training plan.

Status – displays certificate status. It can be valid, expiring, expired, or planned.

  • πŸ›ˆExpiring status depends on the Certificate Expiry Reminder settings that is set in the Email Notification Templates section. By default, 60/30/14/7 days before certificate expires are set. For example, 60 days before certificate expiration its status will be changed to the Expiring and a notification about that will be sent to a user.

Issued Date – displays the date when the certificate was issued.

Expiry Date – displays certificate expiry date.

According to the training, you can download the certificate, view, retake training or view sessions details:

Picture 13

To download the certificate, click Download Certificate.

  • πŸ›ˆYou can download the certificates from the deleted completed courses or training plans. But the titles of these trainings are not clickable, so it is impossible to access them.

The Competencies tab is divided into the following tabs:

Competencies – displays the title of the competency and its level.

Granted by – displays the title of the training after the completion of which you have been granted this competency or the name of the person who has manually granted the competency via the Learner List.

  • πŸ›ˆIf the training has been deleted or ended, its titles will not be clickable, and it is impossible to access it.


Status – displays the status of the competency. It can be valid, revoked, and planned. Valid status means that the competency has been granted to you. Revoked – competency has been revoked. Planned – competency will be granted you when you complete the training.

Achievement Date – displays the date when the competency has been granted.

Revocation Date – displays the date when the competency will be revoked.

You can view sessions details as well as go to the training page, retake training or unenroll from it if available:

Picture 17

On the Transcript page you can find Training, Certificates and Competencies sections:

Picture 19


For more detailed information please navigate to Viewing Learner’s Transcript.

On the CEUs tab you can view your CEUs. To quickly find the desired information, choose the status (all, earned - CEUs that were already received after training completion or planned – CEUs that will be received after the training completion) or date range when the training was completed.

Picture 20


  • πŸ›ˆYou will not see the Training that do not have CEUs in this list.

The CEUs section is divided into:

Training Name – displays the title of the course or training plan.

Status – displays the status. It can be earnedΒ CEUs that were already received after training completion,Β plannedΒ that will be received after training completion. You can see an overview of earned, *planned and total CEUs under the CEUs section.

Completion Date – displays the date when you completed the Training.

CEUs – displays number of CEUs earned.


  • πŸ›ˆTo see the CEUs per each Course inside the Training Plan, click Expand.

According to the training, you can view, retake or unenroll from the training as well as see session details:

Picture 68

The CEUs from the completed deleted training are displayed in CEUs tab as well, but it is impossible to access the training as their titles are not clickable.

  • πŸ›ˆEarned CEUs will not be updated even if their number is changed or deleted.

The Leaderboard section displays the ranking based on the total number of earned CEUs, training completed, and certificates got. You will view the learners from the whole tenant.

You can select the required time from the dropdown list:

Picture 70


This Week: displays top learners based on their achievements for the current week.

This Month: displays top learners based on their achievements for the current month.

This Year: displays top learners based on their achievements for the current year.

All Time: displays top learners based on their achievements for all the time.

Dates are set according to the regional settings of the current site.

Maximum 10 learners are shown on the Leaderboard at a time. But if you are not in Top 10, you can also see your score.

  • πŸ›ˆIf some learners have the same number of CEUs, the learner who has first completed the training will be on top.

If you have not completed training, got CEUs or certificate so far, you will still be in the list, but you will see 0 points next to your name:

Picture 15


  • πŸ›ˆIf you have different pictures in Office 365 and SharePoint profile, you will see a picture from Office 365 profile on Leaderboard.

  • πŸ›ˆExternal users can see profile pictures of other external users of the same domain and SharePoint profile pictures. Internal users will see pictures from SharePoint profiles and Office 365 (provided they have a configured Office 365 profile).

  • πŸ›ˆIf the Certificate has already expired or has been deleted, it will not be counted and displayed in the Certificate Acquired section.

  • πŸ›ˆThe number of CEUs earned is not updated even if in Edit training mode their number is changed or deleted.


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