When does a learner consume a license?

1. "Will enrollments in deleted or unpublished courses count as well, i.e. will those users enrolled claim a license?"
A license is assigned to a learner if he is enrolled in at least one course, even if a course is unpublished. When a course, in which a user is enrolled, is deleted a license is freed up.

2. "Will unenrolling a learner from all courses and training plans effectively free up the license claimed by that learner?"
Yes, if a learner is not enrolled in a course the LMS365 license is not consumed.

3. "Are there any other ways of freeing up a license? For instance, by removing the learner from the learner list – and would that be: the learner list of all catalogs?"
After removing a learner from the learner list, this user is not enrolled in any courses in the current course catalog anymore, so a license becomes free.
A license is not consumed by a user if he is not enrolled in any courses under different course catalogs.

4. “If I free up a license will the license be freed up immediately, or is there a certain latency to be expected?”
The number of licenses changed immediately after a license is freed up.

5. “Will users who are marked IsDeleted=true in the API Users table consume licenses under any circumstances?”
Deleted/disabled in AD users are not counted in the current number of users.


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