What should we know about SharePoint Admin Center?

How to check if External Sharing is set up for a site 

  1. Go to Sites Active sites, choose All sites to display: 


  1. Select your site, then click Sharing:


  1. Check the Site content can be shared with option:


Follow the steps described in the article to set up External Sharing: https://helpcenter.elearningforce.com/hc/en-us/articles/202706662-How-to-configure-external-sharing-in-SharePoint-Online  

  How to check SharePoint site permissions 

  1. On your SharePoint site page go to Settings Site permissions: ___4.png
  2. Check the users who are included in the following groups:
  • Site owners 
  • Site members 
  • Site visitors 


More information in Admin center site permissions reference - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

It is possible to manage users’ rights as well: 


To see more detailed information go to the end of the 'Permissions' window and go to the Advanced permissions settings link. It will lead you to the following URL:


 How to check specific user's permissions

  1. Go to Advanced permissions settings 
  2. Click “Check permissions", specify the user: scr56.png3. Click “Check now” to check. 

How to Edit permissions of a group

  1. Choose a group and click “Edit user permission”: scr78.png
  2. Choose the permissions for a group, click “Ok” to save changes:scr45.png

How to check SharePoint site default groups

To see SharePoint site default groups navigate to the following URL: https://[YourTenant].sharepoint.com/sites/[YourSite]/_layouts/15/permsetup.aspx 


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