Why doesn't the 'Next' button work and the SCORM doesn’t move to complete?

SCORM packages in LMS365 are uploaded by course admins to a course or by course catalog admins directly to the Content Package Storage of the course catalog. Depending on the way the content package (SCORM or AICC) is uploaded, its settings and access to it might differ.

This article covers the issue when learners can't proceed with the SCORM because of the SCORM not moving to the status Completed or the 'Next' button not working. The reason of this may be either with the SCORM itself or with the SCORM's Advanced Settings of the LMS365.


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The issue is with the SCORM itself

In some cases, the reason of the incorrect work of the SCORM is in the content package itself. If you are not sure, that the SCORM you are going to upload to LMS365, works correctly, we recommend to check it to confirm it works Ok.

To do this:

  1. You can use any third party SCORM testing software that allows to check if the file (a content package in our case) works correctly, for example SCORM Cloud which has trial and paid versions.

  2. Follow the required steps, select and upload the SCORM you want to check.

  3. Check the Success status of the uploaded SCORM. If the Success status is Unknown, then the system indicates that the SCORM package is highly to work incorrectly or not to work at all. 


In this case we suggest you to contact the vendor, from which you received the package, for further troubleshooting.


The issue is with the Advanced Settings of the SCORM

If there are no issues with the SCORM itself and it works correctly, but the SCORM doesn't move to the status Completed or the 'Next' button is not working, the reason might be in the Advanced Settings of the SCORM in question.

To check the Advanced Settings of the SCORM do the following:

  1. Go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Content > Content Package Storage > select the required SCORM and from the Actions panel choose Edit Content Package
  2. The Content Package Settings opens, scroll to the bottom to the Advanced Settings
  3. Under the Advanced Settings check the following options:
  • If the SCORM doesn't move to the status Completed, check the 'Treat complete as passed' option. When the toggle is On, this option allows to treat "complete" status as "passed" in case when SCORM doesn't send progress status to LMS.




In certain cases, due to some internal logic on how to mark the status is Completed or not, SCORM packages transfer status as Incomplete all the time by some reason, regardless the Advanced Settings. 

  • If the the 'Next' button is not working, under Show LMS365 navigation controls check that the Show 'Next' button toggle is enabled.




SCORM packages can hide LMS navigation controls by its own. You can check it in the imsmanifest.xml file inside the SCORM package.

To find more about the Advanced Settings of content packages, please visit the link.

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