Issues with completing and navigating SCORM content packages

Learners may face issues with completing a SCORM content package, in that they can't proceed to the next stage of the course. As a result, the content package is not moved to the Completed status and the Next button is not available. The reason for this may be the SCORM itself or the Advanced Settings of the SCORM.

This article describes how to check the SCORM to see if the issue is in the content package, and how to check the Advanced Settings of the SCORM in question.

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Checking the SCORM itself works correctly

In some cases, the SCORM may not work correctly because of an issue with the content package itself. If you are not sure whether the SCORM you are going to upload to LMS365 will work correctly, we recommend you carry out the following checks:

  1. You can use any third party SCORM testing software to check if the file (a content package in our case) works correctly, for example SCORM Cloud.

  2. Follow the required steps (select and upload the SCORM you want to check).

  3. Check the Success status of the uploaded SCORM. If the Success status is unknown, then the system indicates that the SCORM package is unlikely to work correctly or it will not work at all. In this case, you should contact the content package vendor for further advice.


Checking the Advanced Settings of a SCORM

If there are no issues with the SCORM itself, but it won't move to the Completed status or the Next button is not available, you should check the Advanced Settings of the SCORM in question.

  1. Go to LMS365 Admin Center > Content > Content Package Storage > select the required SCORM and select Edit Content Package from the Actions panel. 
  2. Scroll to the Advanced Settings
  3. Check the following settings:
  • If a SCORM doesn't move to the Completed status, toggle the Treat complete as passed option to On. When the toggle is On, this treats the Completed status as "passed".




In certain cases, the SCORM package transfer status shows as Incomplete, regardless of the Advanced Settings.

  • If the Next button is not displayed, check that the Show "Next" button toggle is set to On under Show LMS365 navigation controls.




SCORM packages may contain settings that hide the navigation controls when viewed in LMS365. Check the imsmanifest.xml file in the SCORM package to see if the controls are hidden.


For more information about the Advanced Settings of content packages, click here.

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