When does a learner consume an LMS365 License?

The LMS365 license is automatically assigned to a learner who is enrolled in at least one course.

Licenses are freed up and can be reused once:

Administrators and users are using the same licenses. There are no special licenses needed for the administrators. The LMS administrator can activate/deactivate a license, check its status, and run reports against the license usage via the LMS365 Admin Center > Settings > License Information:


The license can only be active on one tenant. If it is used on another tenant, it will be deactivated on the original tenant.

NOTE: If the LMS365 license is expired or the maximum number of users has been reached, you will be notified and have 14 days to renew or extend your license. Users can continue working with LMS365 during this period.

If you need more licensed users within your LMS365 subscription, please reach out to your designated Business Manager or the LMS365 License Management Team at license@lms365.com.

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