How do I configure the time zone for Courses, Course Catalogs, and Course Sessions

To choose the needed Time Zone for the Course to follow the next steps below:

1. Go to the Course Catalog >Choose the Course where you want to change the Time Zone:

2.​  Click on the gear icon > Site Contents:


3.​ Choose Site Settings:


4. ​ Click Regional Settings:

5.​ Select Time Zone:Screenshot_111.png

To change the Time Zone for the Course Catalog, you need:

Go to the Course Catalog > Gear icon > Site Contents > Site Settings > Regional Settings > Time Zone.

New Courses will heritage selected Time Zone. For old courses in this Course Catalog, you need to change the Time Zone by hand. ​

It takes some time for the changes have affected. 

To change the Time Zone for the course sessions:

1. Go to the LMS365 Admin Center;

2. Select needed Classroom & Blended Training or Webinar > Click Manage Course Sessions link in the Course Management actions panel:


3. Сhoose the Course Session > Click Edit button > Select the needed Time Zone (by default it is set according to the regional settings of the current site) > Save:



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