Uploading images in the Hot Spot question

Among the question types available to add to the quiz, there is a Hot Spot question type where the quiz creator uploads an image and selects an area that learners need to select for the correct answer. This article describes in details how to upload an image for this quiz question type.


Uploading an image for the Hot Spot question

You can upload an image in a Hot Spot question while editing an existing quiz or creating a new quiz. In all the  scenarios, you will navigate to the Create/Edit Quiz page.

On the Create/Edit Quiz page drag and drop the Hot Spot question to the Quiz Editor. This will open up a quiz question builder form. 



The gif shows creating a quiz from the Content section of the course.

  1. Fill out the Question Name and Question fields.

  2. Next to Answers choose the Select Image icon and fill in the form that opens. Choose a file from your local computer to be uploaded, specify the width and the height of the image in pixels (the file extensions supported: .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg). Select Upload to upload an image or Cancel to discard.

  3. The uploaded image will be the window where you can drag and resize an area which will be considered as a correct spot for learners to select as their answer.

  4. Save the question. The question is added to the quiz. When ready save the quiz.


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