Upload and prepare a hot spot quiz question image

Among the various question types you can add to a quiz, the quiz creator can upload an image, then select an area on the image that learners need to select to achieve the correct answer. This is known as a hot spot question. This article describes how to upload an image and specify the hot spot area on the image.


Upload an image for a hot spot question

You can upload an image for a hot spot question while creating a quiz or editing an existing quiz. For both of these scenarios, you upload the image and prepare the hot spot area via the Create/Edit Quiz page.

1. On the Create/Edit Quiz page, select Hot spot. The Hot spot panel opens.

2. Complete the Title and Question text fields.

3. Under Answer options, select Choose image. The Hot spot image panel opens. When editing a hot spot question, the image currently used in the question shows a white tick in a blue circle in the top right-hand corner of the image.

4. Select Upload. From your local device, select the image you want to upload.

5. On the Hot spot image panel, select the image you uploaded then select Save. Alternatively, select Cancel.

The uploaded image is displayed below Choose image. A hot spot overlays part of the image.

6. To specify the correct answer for this question, drag and drop the hot spot overlay to the area of the image you want to apply the hot spot. If necessary, resize the hot spot overlay by dragging the selectors at the edges of the image.

7. Complete any other fields, if required.

8. Save the question. The question is added to the quiz. When ready, create or save the quiz.


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