How do I configure language settings

 How to change Language (different cases).

Global Settings Language

  • The language depends on the browser language settings.

Course Catalog Language

  • The language of the Course Catalog is selected during its creation process:


  • Please remember that the Course Catalog site is created with all Alternate Languages selected, that's why Course Catalog Admin is displayed depending on the Browser language. To avoid such a situation, unselect all Alternate Languages in the Language Settings:


When you change the language for the already existing Course Catalog, some time is required for the changes to be applied. To speed up this process, you can clear Storage Cookies (or clear the whole Storage):



Course/TP Home Page Language

Course site inherits Course Catalog default language and alternate languages.

  • If Alternate languages are unselected– Course language will be the same as the Course Catalog language;
  • If an Alternate language is selected and the same language is specified as the Browser language - The course language will be the same as the browser language.

Alternate languages can be checked in the Site Settings:


 Subsite Language

  • The language of the subsite is selected during its creation process:


 Certificate Language

  • Certificate language depends only on the Course Regional Settings (Site Settings→Regional Settings→ Region→Locale)

 Notifications Language

  • Notifications are sent in the Locale language specified on the Course level. To receive the notifications in the needed language, first select the locale of the Course Catalog, and then create a Course. If you change the locale of the Course Catalog you will still receive the notifications for the Course in the previously specified language.

Locale can be checked in the Site Settings (Site Settings→Regional Settings→ Region→Locale)


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