How Targeting option works

How Global Targeting works


The main aim of the Course Targeting is to specify the audience for the Trainings. By default, all users with the access to the Course Catalog will see all Trainings in it.

The global Course Targeting option affects the way in which the Training will be displayed for users on the Course Catalog page. The access to the Training still depends on the “Target Audience” specified for Training itself.

You can set the targeting for each Training. Once the individual users or AD/Office 365 group(s) are specified in the “Target Audience” field during the creation process, they will be

  • able to view the targeted Course on the Course Catalog page,

  • added automatically to the Course Visitors group.

It means that these users can access the Trainings targeted to them from the Course Catalogs page. The users that were enrolled as learners to this course will also have access to this Training.


  • 🛈Although the learners were added to the Learner List by being enrolled to a single Training, it does not mean that they will have access to all other Trainings from the Course Catalog.

  • 🛈The learners who were added to the Learner List but not specified as the target audience for the Training will not see and have any access to it.

  • 🛈When “Corse Targeting” option is enabled and “Target Audience” is specified, the users see the Trainings where they are enrolled in or target to.






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