Purge an Azure Active Directory group from LMS365 via API

In LMS365, as well as being able to remove an Azure Active Directory (AAD) group from a course catalog, it's also possible to use an LMS365 API endpoint to purge an AAD group from an LMS365 tenant, therefore removing all information and records of actions of that group.

This article describes the steps you should follow if you want to purge an AAD group from an LMS365 tenant via API.


To purge an AAD group from an LMS365 tenant:

1. Go to https://api.365.systems/ and make sure you're authorized with the relevant API key.

2. Find the Users section, expand it, find POST /odata/v2/ Users('{LoginName}')/Purge with the Purge user's data description, and then select Try it out in the top right-hand corner.




3. Two additional fields will be displayed. You'll need to complete the required parameter—key: LoginName by entering the login name of the AAD group you want to remove from the LMS365 tenant.




4. When you're ready, select Execute to run the request. 

5. Go to the Responses block to check the results:

  • Number 2xx (for example, 202) under Code shows that the request worked correctly.
  • In the Response body field, you'll see the results of the request - the AAD group will be deleted from the tenant: from all of its course catalogs, courses, and training plans. All the records relating to this AAD group will be completely removed from LMS365, with no ability to restore them.
    Users from this purged AAD group remain in the catalogs of the tenant, and in the courses and training plans in which they were enrolled as individual users. However, users won't keep their roles and enrollments in the catalogs, courses, and training plans to which they were added via the purged AAD group. At the same time, all the users’ skills and certificates awarded when they were part of the AAD group will remain in their transcript.




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