How to purge the Active Directory Group from LMS365 via API

To purge the entire Active Directory group via API, use the endpoint POST/odata/v2/ Users('{LoginName}')/Purge and specify the required parameters:

LoginName – the name of the appropriate Group. You can find it in the response body of the endpoint GET /odata/v2/Users:

 {"Department": null,
 "LoginName": "c:0t.c|tenant|7ab37576-8877-7add-8bf2-7abcdf5c147f"}

All records related to the user’s account within LMS365 will be deleted. 

The Active Directory Group as well as the roles that are related to this group will be removed from all the Course Catalogs and Courses. It means that the users who were added via Active Directory Group will no longer keep their roles in the Courses and Course Catalogs. At the same time all the users’ progress and certificates will remain.

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