Attendance tracking and QR code generation via LMS365 mobile app

The LMS365 mobile app provides Instructors, the user who conducts the definite course session, quick access to registering learners attendance as well as generating the QR code for attendance tracking for their session. To be able to use these options you need to:

  1) Sign in to the LMS365 mobile app,

  2) Select the relevant Course and tab Session:


Picture 1


 3) Select the session:


Picture 3


4) Registering attendance:

  • Tap the Register attendance button.
  • Select the needed Learner(s), tap the Register Attendance button once again, and then select the corresponding value:

Picture 7


Once attendance is marked, it will be displayed on the Course Progress and on the Learner’s Progress panels.


Generating the QR code for attendance tracking:

Tap the Generate QR code button.

Once the QR Code is opened, you can either print, share or insert it into the slide deck for the audience to scan during the session. 


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