LMS365 Roles and Permissions Matrix

Currently there are the following roles in LMS365: 

  • Tenant Administrator 

  • LMS Administrator 

  • Catalog Administrator 

  • Course Administrator 

  • Instructor 

  • Learner 

Tenant Administrator 

Role requirements: 

Anyone with Office 365 tenant administrative rights. 

Scope of responsibilities: 

  • Performs first time installation and initial configuration of LMS365. 

  • Creates and manages Course Catalogs. 

  • Manages Global Settings. 

  • Adds or removes LMS Administrators & Catalog Administrators. 

LMS Administrator 

Role requirements: 

Anyone who was added as LMS Administrator.

Scope of responsibilities: 

  • Manages Global Settings (specifies languages and localization, defines global LMS, cross-catalog and mobile configuration options, manages LMS & Catalogs administrators). 

  • Manages Course Catalogs. 

  • Manages LMS dashboard display configuration.

Catalog Administrator 

Role requirements: 

Anyone who is responsible (internal or external) for the day to day administration of a given Course Catalog. 

Scope of responsibilities and permissions: 

  • Creates and manages courses and training plans in own Catalog as well as assigns Course Administrators.  

  • Manages all learners and their training records.  

  • Manages content e.g. certificate templates, Quizzes of own Catalogs, all Question Pools as well as Content Packages shared with current Course Catalog and Courses from this Catalog. 

  • Configures all automated email notifications, portal competency framework. 

  • Defines the Course Catalog. 

Course Administrator 

Role requirements: 

Anyone who is responsible for the day to day administration and management of a given Course.  

Scope of responsibilities and permissions: 

  • Manages own Courses (general course configuration and administration, due date and completion requirements, recertification, and enrollment rules). 

  • Adds or removes Course Administrators and Learners of own Courses.  

  • Manages content e.g. Quizzes of Catalogs that their own Courses are parts of, all Question Pools, Content Packages shared with their own Courses from this Catalog. 

  • Schedules sessions for classrooms or webinar-based courses. 

  • Manages all learners’ records within own Courses. 

  • Creates course specific reports. 


Role requirements: 

Anyone (internal or external) who conducts the definite course session (classroom, webinar). 

Scope of responsibilities and permissions: 

  • Manages attendance in own Course Sessions. 

  • Prints attendance sheets. 


Role requirements 

Anyone (internal or external) who has access to a learning portal. 

Scope of responsibilities and permissions: 

  • Accesses, passes, and completes the Courses that they are enrolled into. 

  • Enrolls or applies for Enrollment into available Trainings. 

  • Completes Courses or Training Plans that they are enrolled into. 

  • Accesses to the “My Training Dashboard”. 

  • Downloads personal transcript and certificates. 




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