How to track the mobile App Usage via the LMS365 API

We would like to announce that it is now possible to track how frequently the users have accessed the learning via LMS365 Mobile App.

This information is accessible via the LMS365 API endpoint using e.g. Postman.

To view the number of accesses, use the endpoint get, you will be presented with the following information: 

"name": "username@yourLMS365domanename",

"count": 658,

"previous_count": 332

The information on the number of times the users access the learning in the last 30 days will be shown as the "count" property.

The information on the user’s access 30 days prior the last 30 days will be as the "previous_count" property.

NOTE: Currently the maximum number of unique users included into the report is 600. Any users above 600 will have all their individual usage counts summarized into one entry.

To build up the report, navigate to the Microsoft Power BI:

  • Select Get Data > Web:

  • Enter in the URL box:

  • Access Web Content modal window will open and display "The user was not authorized" warning. In Basic tab paste API key both in Username and Password fields:

  • Select the desired user you want to use your visualizations for.
  • Go on building visualizations as needed.
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