How to get the summary information for the internal cost

We would like to announce that now there is a possibility to view the summary information for the cost of the session-based learning.  Once the internal cost is set for the session, you can get it via the LMS365 API.

To view the internal cost per learner as well as per session, use the endpoint get/reports/courseSessions/learnerIndividualCost.

  • For the internal cost per learner, navigate to the desired User – Cost, and you will get, e.g.

"Cost": 100,
"Currency": "USD"

  • For the total cost per session, navigate to the desired Course Session – Cost, and you will get, e.g.

"Cost": 1000

The internal cost per learner depends on the total number of learners on the session. It is calculated as the division of the internal cost for the session by a number of learners with the registered attendance. For the learners whose attendance was marked as absent or absent (informed) the cost will not be calculated.

To build up the reports, use the Microsoft power BI following these steps.


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