General Issues with Internet Explorer 11 and Modern Web Pages and Web Parts

Starting from v3.0, LMS365 supports modern site collections (Team site and Communication site) and modern pages. We have introduced SPFX Web Parts to be used on the modern site collections, as well as on any page of the Modern type: Course Catalog, Dashboard, and Course.

However, issues have been identified and addressed with Microsoft regarding usability of Internet Explorer 11 and these new Web Parts and have since been resolved. Technical information regarding these issues are detailed on the following link.

Running into issue with SPFX recently Cannot redefine non-configurable property 'startsWith'

This affects all users that have installed the LMS Suite prior to January 11th, 2019. In these situations, the SPFX version is lower than and may exhibit some issues when utilizing Internet Explorer.

Problem: When using Internet Explorer 11, your Web Parts show an error that states "Something Went Wrong" or your users see a Login Button that constantly loops and asks users to Login again.

Confirmation: To confirm that you are affected by this, please check your App Catalog Site for the SPFX package you currently have installed by following the instructions below.

1. Please go to the App Catalog site under the Tenant Administrator account (Admin Center -> Admin centers in the left-side panel -> SharePoint -> apps -> App Catalog):

2. In the left-side menu, select Apps for SharePoint:

3. On the library look for LMS365 and the version associated to it. The version should be or above. If it is not or if you only see the depreciated "LMS365 Course Creator & Catalog app version, you are affected by this issue on Internet Explorer 11 and need to follow the resolution steps to resolve it.


Resolution: The problem in this article has been resolved in LMS365 SPFX version and we recommend you to follow this upgrade guide to use the latest version. If you continue to have issues, please let us know and our development team will work with you to resolve the issue.

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