External Users and LMS365 SPFX web parts

Starting from v 3.0, LMS365 supports modern site collections (Team site and Communication site) and modern pages. We have introduced SPFX web parts to be used on the modern site collections, as well as on any page of the Modern type: Course Catalog, Dashboard, and Course.

Problem: Your external users might get an error when LMS365 SPFX web part is loaded on the modern page:

External users are getting affected because they have no permissions in App Catalog site collection (by default, only Everyone except external users group has).

Solution: you need to grant Everyone group with Read permissions in App Catalog site collection:


NOTE: if Everyone group is not available for you to pick and grant permissions, please check this article.


Afterward, your external users might see a blue Login button instead of the LMS365 SPFX web part:

External users will need to press it and accept the permissions requested only once, from now on the web parts will be loading for them with no additional actions required.

Important: If you want to make LMS365 SPFX web parts to load for external users automatically on the first visit, your Tenant Administrator will need to perform the following steps: go to Azure Active Directory admin center > Enterprise applications > LMS365 API Client > Permissions > press "Grant admin consent" button:

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