Migration to a Modern View of LMS365

You can now migrate all your Courses, Course Catalog(s) and Dashboard(s) from the Classic to the Modern Look & Feel. Do not worry all your data will be safe!



Please be aware: After 31 March 2020 LMS365 Cloud will no longer be supported on SharePoint Classic sites. For more information please follow the end-of-life of LMS365 Cloud Support on SharePoint Classic pages



Course List Homepage


The complete process will be done automatically. The required Apps will be installed to the Course Catalog Site collection and all the classic Add-ins will be removed.


Site Content


In addition, we will also create brand new modern Pages for the Course Catalog and Dashboard Pages with the new SPFX Web Parts installed.




To migrate your Course Catalog to a Modern View, you will need to do the following:

  • Make sure that you are the Global or SharePoint administrator.
  • Go to the LMS365 Global Settings > Course Catalog List > choose the required Course Catalog with Classic Add-ins and select it.



  •  Click the Migrate Course Catalog button on the actions panel.



Please be aware: In case of not enough permissions you will see an alert message.




Once these steps are done, you will need to wait for the migration to run through all the Course Sites and Training Plans, the time it takes to complete will vary depending on the number courses. After the successful migration, a message about the successfully completed migration process will appear in the Notification Center:


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Description automatically generated


To update the links manually:

  • Navigate to the LMS365 Site Collection (and any other places where you might link from) and replace the links to the Course Catalog and Dashboard pages.

The pages are most likely called:




and can always be found in the Site Pages of your Site collection.

  • Click Edit link:


  • Select Course Catalog/Dashboard and click the Edit a link button: 


  • Replace the old address with the new one. For Course Catalog – CourseCalalog.aspx, for Training Dashboard – Dashboard.aspx.


Please be aware: For catalogs with Modern View we highly recommend to add only one LMS365 web part on a page as adding several web parts on the same page can result in malfunction and an authentication error.


  • Save the changes.

Once completed, you will find all the Courses and Training Plans with a modern Look & Feel of LMS365.

If you want to turn off the left-side menu, please follow the Microsoft instruction how to customize the navigation on your SharePoint site



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