How to replace Add-in Parts

We would like to announce that we have withdrawn support for the Add-in Parts, but do not worry, all your data will be safe.

First, please check what version of the Classic App you are on. To do it, perform the following:

  1. Go to the Site Collection with the Course Catalog Add-in installed > open Site Contents;
  2. Choose "LMS365 Course Creator and Catalog" App > click the actions menu button  > select “Details” to see the details of the App. The view may vary depending on the SharePoint experience (Modern or Classic) you work with:
  3. Find out the current version of the installed App: ​

If you are NOT on the latest version of the Classic App (version and below) please inform us via and we will help you to update your App to the latest version. After the successful update, please navigate to your Course Catalog Page. You will be provided with the Migration Tool:

After the migration process will successfully been done, the new pages with the Web Parts will be created. 

If you ARE on the latest version of the Classic App (version, please replace the old LMS365 Add-in Parts to LMS365 Web Parts following the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you are a member of the Site’s Owners Group;
  2. Open the SharePoint Page where the Add-in Part is located in the Edit mode;
  3. Click Insert > Web Part;
  4. Select the LMS365 Category on the Selector and choose the required Web Part, after that click the Add button:

If there is any, please inform the Support team.

Please do not forget to remove all previous Add-in Parts.

For your even better and faster experience with the LMS365 we are happy to announce that after March Release all our customers will have a possibility to migrate all the Courses, Course Catalog and Dashboard Web Parts to totally modern view:

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