How to get the most out of LMS365 via Microsoft Teams

How to get the most out of LMS365 via Microsoft Teams

LMS365 for Microsoft Teams enables learners to find, take and track the training directly inside Microsoft Teams as well as use the LMS365 bot to explore the training catalog.

In this guide, you will find out how to:

You will also find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions and an overview of current limitations as the LMS365 app and Microsoft Teams are in constant and rapid development.

How can I add the LMS365 App to Microsoft Teams?

Getting started is fast and easy. To install the LMS365 in Microsoft Teams, you need to have a working LMS365 installation first.

  1. 1. Search for the LMS365 in the Microsoft Teams Store:

Picture 4

  1. 2. Select whether to add the LMS365 for the chat or to any team.

  2. 3. Click Add and you are done.

How can I mention a training in a Team?

To draw your colleagues’ attention, you can share the training directly in your conversation:

  1. 1. Go to the Team you want to share the training in.

  2. 2. Click the LMS365 icon on the toolbar:

Picture 1

  1. 3. Start typing the title in the search field and select the desired training:

Picture 6

Once you are done, your colleagues can view or start the training:

Picture 10

How can I search for training using the Search field?

To find the training:

  1. 1. Type @LMS365 in the command box at the top:

Picture 12

  1. 2. Start typing the title of the training and then click it or press Enter.

You can now view and start this training.

How can I pin LMS365 to the Microsoft Teams taskbar?

As a Teams Administrator or Global Administrator, you can customize the view of your Teams and set polices to pin the LMS365 App to the taskbar.

To pin the LMS365, navigate to Microsoft Teams admin center and follow the instruction on the app setup polices.

Once all steps are done, the users will see the icon of LMS365 in Microsoft Teams. The chat, dashboard and training tabs are available as well:

Picture 9

Chat: shows the conversation with the bot.

Dashboard: shows your personalized training dashboard.

Training: shows the training you have opened from the chat or dashboard tab.

Now LMS365 app is available for the users and they can easily continue working with it.

How can I add a new tab in the Team?

To view LMS365 Dashboard, Course Catalog and Training, pin these tabs at the top of your channel:

  1. 1. Choose the Team you want to add the Tab in.

  2. 2. On the tab links header click A picture containing object

Description automatically generated > the LMS365 App.

  3. 3. Specify the name for the tab or use the default one.

  4. 4. Choose the view. You and your colleagues will be able to see the selected view as a new tab at the top of the channel:

Specific Training. Start typing the title or paste the valid site URL for the training in the “Training Title or URL” field and click the desired training.

Course Catalog. Start typing the title or paste the valid site URL for the Course Catalog to the “Course Catalog Title or URL” field and click the desired Course Catalog.


Picture 5

  1. 5. Click Save.

  • 🛈If Save is disabled, please check whether all fields were filled in.

  • 🛈If you do not have access to the desired training or course catalog, you will not be able to pin them.

To view your training, Course Catalog or Dashboard, click the required tab:

Picture 16

How to start a tab conversation about a training

  1. 1. Select the tab with the training in your Team.

  2. 2. Click Show tab conversation on the right:

Picture 14

Now you can start the conversation:

Picture 13

How do I talk with the LMS365 bot?

It is easy - just go to the conversation with the bot and select the shortcut. Or just type “Hello”:

Picture 25

In the table below, you can see the list of possible bot’s commands that you can type to the chat:



Hello, Hi

The welcome card will appear.


The help card with available commands will appear.

Show My Training

The card with all your trainings from course catalogs will appear. You can view and filter the trainings here.

Find Training

The card where you can find trainings in the course catalogs will appear.

Show e-Learning Courses

The carousel with e-Learning courses from the current course catalog will appear.

Show Webinar Courses

The carousel with webinars from the current course catalog will appear.

Show Classroom Courses

The carousel with classroom courses from the current course catalog will appear.

Show Training Plans

The carousel with training plans will appear.

Show Training Categories

The card with the list of used categories will appear.

Using the bot, you can start conversation inside the Team as well. Type @LMS365 and then enter the desired training:

Picture 3

The members of this team will be able to view this training.

How can I navigate to my Training via the LMS365 bot?

  1. 1. Go to the conversation with the bot.

  2. 2. Select the needed command to show the training, e.g. “Show e-Learning Courses”. Then for your convenience select the desired categories, e.g. “IT Training”.

  3. 3. After the carousel appears, select the needed training.

  4. 4. Click "View Course" button.

  5. 5. Course will be opened inside "Training" Tab (if you are not automatically signed in, you should do it first):

Picture 22

How can I select the desired Course Catalog via the LMS365 bot?

  1. 1. Go to the conversation with the bot.

  2. 2. Select “Find Training” command.

  3. 3. Choose the needed course catalog from the drop-down menu:

Picture 24

  1. 4. After that, you can view or filter the trainings of the selected catalog:

Picture 21

Once you start the Course, you might see the following message We need you to sign in to ensure full functionality of LMS365:

Picture 8

Please click the Sign in button to have full access to the Course Content.

How can I use Dashboard via the LMS365 bot?

  1. 1. Open Dashboard Tab:

Picture 26

  1. 2. Login by the same account you logged in Microsoft Teams (if you have not logged in before).

  2. 3. Great! You can now use Dashboard inside Microsoft Teams:

Picture 2

The Leaderboard section is off on the Dashboard in Microsoft Teams by default. LMS365 Administrators can enable it via the Settings:

Picture 15

Follow the left-side navigation on My Training Dashboard to find more about configurable sections and links.


Q: I would like to add LMS365 to Microsoft Teams, but I do not find the LMS365 bot in the store.

A: To make LMS365 visible in the Team’s Store, the “External access” options should be enabled in the Microsoft Teams admin center (go to Microsoft 365 admin center – Admin center – Teams – Org-wide settings – External access. For more information see how to manage external access in Microsoft Teams.

Picture 29

Q: I’m seeing ‘An administrator has set a policy that prevents you from granting LMS365 API the permissions it is requesting. Contact an administrator who can grant permissions to this application on your behalf’ message when adding the LMS365 bot.

A: That means that ‘Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf’ option was disabled in the Microsoft Azure. To enable consent, please log in to the Microsoft Azure Portal, and then go to Azure Active Directory – Enterprise Applications – User Settings – set option to ‘Yes’ and save the changes:

Picture 27

Q: LMS365 is not responding.

A: A small number of Teams are seeing LMS365 not responding. For most of you, the likely case has been the following: your Office 365 Administrator has disabled bots for Microsoft Teams. Please contact your Office 365 Administrator to get the issue resolved.


Known Limitations when using LMS365 via Microsoft Teams

We are continuously working on full feature parity between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams interfaces both for Learners and Administrators. Currently there are the following areas where features differ between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams: 

  • The link to the LMS365 Admin center in the Course Catalog tab is not available.

  • The Course management option does not appear when the Administrator is on the Course home page view.

  • The ability to add, edit, and manage assignments as well as go to the Gradebook from the My Assignment section on Course Home page is missing for Course Administrators.  

  • The actions in the Assignments section on Course Home Page is not available.

  • Themes are not applied.

  • Navigation between Course Catalog or Dashboard and Course Home Page is missing.

  • Authorization Confirmation, Content Packages and External Apps that are opened in the separate window work inaccurately.

  • The link to the Course Administrator or contact person does not work on the Training Home page.


  • 🛈This list will be constantly updated as we continue to improve the Microsoft Teams experience. Please visit this section regularly.


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