Elle Help in Microsoft Teams

Elle Help in Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Elle's in Microsoft Teams!

LMS365 for Microsoft Teams enables learners to find, take and track their Training directly inside Teams as well as using our Intelligent BOT 'Elle' to look for Training Courses and Training Plans available in the catalog.

Elle can help you to:

  • − Select your default Course Catalog

  • − Find and navigate an interesting eLearning, Classroom & Blended and Webinar Courses directly

  • − Find and navigate Training Plans

  • − Make fast search of courses by special category

  • − Manage your Training Dashboard activities

  • − View your Courses and Training Plans


Installing Elle in Microsoft Teams
Instructions here.

How do I talk with Elle?
It's easy - just send Elle a direct message in a 1:1 chat.
Start by sending a hello command to see the what you can do.



Full list of BOT commands:



"Show Course Catalogs"


List of course catalogs will appear


"Show e-Learning Courses"

Carousel with e-Learning courses will appear

"Show Classroom & Blended Courses"

Carousel with Classroom & Blended Courses will appear

"Show Webinar Courses"

Carousel with Webinar Courses will appear

"Show Categories"

List of used categories will appear

"Show all Courses"

List of all courses will appear


Help message with available BOT commands will appear

How can I navigate to my Course or Training Plan with Elle's help?

  • • Type "@Elle hello" To Elle in Conversation Tab

  • • Select "Show me e-Learning Courses"

  • • Choose needed course from carousel

  • • Press "View Course"

  • • Course will be opened inside "Training" Tab.

How can I select needed Courses Catalog to work with?

  • • Open a 1:1 chat with Elle

  • • Type the message "@Elle Show Course Catalogs"

  • • Choose needed course catalog from the list

How can I use Dashboard via BOT?

  • • Open Dashboard Tab

  • • Login by the same account you logged in Microsoft Teams

  • • Great! You could use Dashboard inside the Teams!




Elle is not responding?

A small number of teams are seeing Elle not responding. For most of you, the likely case has been that:

  • • Bots have been disabled by your Office 365 Admin. Here’s how to verify and resolve this issue [there should be a hyperlink]

Getting Help

Navigate to your 1:1 chat with Elle, and click on the help tab. You could also try help at any time as well. If all else fails, reach out to us!

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