Setting up Manager in LMS365 Cloud

In order to use full features of the Manager Dashboard it's important that you have your organization hierarchy set up. Our dashboard uses Microsoft Graph API to get the manager relationship which means the manager property should be set in Azure Active Directory. First of all, please make sure you have configured app access to Azure Active Directory like described here.

Now there's a couple of ways how you can make that happen. E.g. you need to login as administrator to your Office 365 and then choose 'Admin centers', and 'Exchange'.

Then go to 'recipients' left menu item, search for the person that you want to manage, highlight the person and choose details. Navigate down to Organization and then browse their manager.

Alternative is to set user's manager in Azure Active Directory directly. To do that, you need to login as administrator to your Azure portal, go to 'Active Directory' in the left menu, go to manage your domain, search for the person you want to manage, and click the arrow to manage him/her.

Then go to 'Work Info' and set the manager ID. You will need to know manager's person object ID to set it here (which you can look up by checking manager's user object).

NOTE: A common case is synchronizing your local Active Directory with Office 365. If you have that configuration in place you set up the organizational hierarchy in the local Active Directory, and the changes are pushed to Azure Active Directory during synchronization.

NOTE: Setting up manager in user profiles in SharePoint Admin Center of Office 365 will not push the changes to Azure Active Directory. SharePoint Online uses the Active Directory Import timer job to import users and groups into the User Profile Application. AD Import syncs changes from the SharePoint Online Directory Store to the User Profile Application. For more information check the following articles:

After your organization hierarchy is set up in Azure Active Directory it needs to be synched by our DirectoryReaderOnSchedule web job before you can see subordinates in the manager dashboard. By default the job runs once an hour. Besides, make sure your subordinates have at least Visitor permissions on the site where you placed dashboard app part.

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