LMS365 | Course Creator and Catalog Add-in​​

The LMS365 Course Creator & Catalog add-in needs to be installed in your local SharePoint App Catalog.

The LMS365 Course Creator & Catalog add-in contains two Web Parts which need to be added to your site pages following install.

  • Course Catalog Web Part
  • Training Dashboard Web Part

Both Web Parts can be found in the Category: LMS365 


Please note there are two packages available:

Upgrade from the version earlier than V2.2.1.51: Use this when upgrading from an older version, it contains both the now deprecated Add-in Parts and the new Web Parts for the Course Catalog & Dashboard.

NOTE: This version will allow you to upgrade your existing V1.5.x and V2.1.x Course Catalog and will provide the option to update all existing Courses to the Modern Look & Feel for V1.5.x

New Install: Use this for New Installs only or if you are certain you are not using the old deprecated Course Catalog Add-in Part or Dashboard Add-in Part and have the new LMS365 Course Catalog and Dashboard Web Parts installed. If in doubt use the Upgrade V2.2.1.51 package.

NOTE: Do not use this package if you already have an existing setup which uses the Course Catalog and Dashboard Add-in Parts, doing so will prevent you from updating your old course catalog or your old course sites.

Short Video Tutorial for Upgrading of the V1.5.x Course Catalog & Course Sites


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